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Best Hosting Plan of the Year
1000MB space,
40G transfer,
free domain,
free marketing,
free web builder,
unlimted email,
unlimited MySql, PHP, CGI, FrontPage Ext, Agora,
osCommerce, PayPal, shared SSL, anonymous FTP, multimedia, 
toll-free support, 
GigaByte Value Hosting
2000 MB space, 60 GB transfer, free domain, free setup, unlimited MySQL $7.50!
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Award Winning Hosting!
800MB space,
40G transfer,
free domain,
free marketing,
free web template, PHP, MySql,
CGI, Pathon,
FrontPage Ext, Agora,
osCommerce, PayPal, SSL, anonymous FTP, multimedia, 
toll-free support,  $7.95!

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Price ($)

Space (MB) BW (GB) #Email Special features
StartLogic 7.50 1000 40 unlimited web builder, eCommerce
iPowerWeb 7.95 800 40 400 shopping cart, multimedia
midPhase 7.95 1500 50 500 eCommerce, subdomain
LunarPages 7.95 800 40 unlimited sub-domain, parking.

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Pro Logic
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Business Pro

Where to host your web site? The best web hosting plans are listed, compare several of your candidates. Besides the hosting cost, pay more attention to the features and the services a plan provides. No matter it's for free, low cost, affordable cheap web site hosting, or E commerce web hosting, our advice is to choose a popular host. The services listed on this web site are from popular and large web hosts with reliable services,  site performance, and excellent customer rating, review and rank ranking. free web hosting.

Top 10 web hosts are listed as well. Check out the internet web hosting showcases & host rating. Most of the hosts offers ecommerce capability, multimedia support, MySql database, PHP scripting, and toll-free phone support. Many web hosting companies in the top ten list offer shopping cart (Agora, osCommerce, PayPal), online marketing packages, search engine submission, CGI, Frontpage extension, domain name management, SSL, SSI, and ecommerce ready. Some offer SSH access, telnet, Perl, Java, Flash, stream video/audio support, sub-domain, domain parking, & add-on domain. Besides Unix (Linux) hosting, the best Windows web hosting (Window 2000, NT, Microsoft web hosting) are also reviewed. Be sure to check the host's sites for special offers from time to time, such as free month's hosting, double spaces, free domain name, etc. Best luck to your web host search and your business.

Beginner's Guide: Web hosting, the basic steps to build your web site: choose a domain name... Selecting Web Host: If a site contains mostly text pages, you  space and bandwidth ...  Promote web Site: Traffic is key to your web site,  to effectively promote your pages ....  Glossary:  Apache is an open-source HTTP Web server software, it is  the web server on the Net.  It is usually run on Unix operating, web host rated, ecommerce web hosting ... free web site hosting (low cost), australia web hosting. sql php free hosting, php my sql web hosting free, mysql php cheap web hosting review.

Featured Web Hosting Service

Shuttle Host Plan: 800MB space, 40G transfer, 15 sub-domains, 3 domain parking, CPanel, unlimted email, IMAP, MySql, PHP, Pathon, Perl, SSI, CGI, FrontPage Ext,  mailing list, Flash and shockwave, Dreamweaver compatible, windows and real media compatible,  adult content OK, optional ASP/JSP, optional addon domain, free set up, toll-free phone  support,  support forum, 99.9% uptime, best customer rated webhost. $7.95.


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