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100000MB space,
400G transfer,
free domain,
free marketing,
free web builder,
unlimted email,
unlimited MySql, PHP, CGI, FrontPage Ext, Agora,
osCommerce, PayPal, shared SSL, anonymous FTP, multimedia, 
toll-free support, 


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Award Winning Hosting!
8000MB space,
400G transfer,
free domain,
free marketing,
free web template, PHP, MySql,
CGI, Pathon,
FrontPage Ext, Agora,
osCommerce, PayPal, SSL, anonymous FTP, multimedia, 
toll-free support,  $7.95!


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Space (MB) BW (GB) #Email Special features
Yahoo! 7.77 unlimited unlimited 5000 SiteBuilder, subdomains, top brand

  Welcome to freeservers, provided by Mega Web Services, Inc., a United Online Company.. We're the largest Linux web hoster in the world, in business since 1995. Millions of subscribers use our services, hosting their web sites and web-based activities on our servers. Based on our long-standing computing expertise, we proudly share details about our technology. Hosting definitions: What's web hosting? Simply put, a technology that allows you to use the Internet to its fullest capacity. You have the power to create web sites using graphical packages, online communications, robust databases and other software tools at your disposal. How does web hosting work? Think of a place where your online materials reside, and get accessed. Also think of a place where you and your web site visitors access all materials. Essentially these two functions are handled by web hosting. How's that different from my ISP? Your Internet service provider enables you to go online. It often gives you an e-mail address and some ways to store things. But it doesn't make all web tools available for yourself, family or business. How's that different from my portal? Your portal (like Yahoo) primarily helps you find information and services on the web. Again it offers e-mail and simple IM tools, to encourage your frequent visits. Underlying systems: Why use Linux-based systems? Open source code is the key reason, which means that Linux can be shared easily and read by all computer networks. It's a system-level software enabling all the web activities to take place. It's a flavor of Unix, the industry standard used for decades. And Linux has become “coin of the realm” today. Who needs scalability? Freeservers supports millions of web sites, with tremendous visitor volumes and hits daily. That means simultaneous Internet activities can take place here, handling visitor traffic with ease. You won’t experience any slowdowns while accessing your web site. And you’ll notice the system is always up and running, too. Keynote and other industry reports rate our performance as top notch. Where are these systems? Our operations are based in San Jose, California. Actually there are banks and banks of computer servers in the operations center, dedicated to your web activities. So there’s plenty of redundancy among these servers. We’re in a premiere location, operating along with some the best known consumer-branded web sites out there. Turns out that San Jose has one of the best centralized telecom networks, and you deserve that service performance. Underlying company: Who runs your place? We're experts in web hosting, and have provided hosting solutions to million of people nationwide. We have a solution for you, whether you're a small business, or an individual user that is trying to create your own online "personality". If you're looking for stable, reliable hosting services from a company who knows what they're doing - you've found us. We promise to work continually to provide you with high-quality alternatives to high-cost hosting. So get online now and start sharing what matters to you. FreeServers is owned by Mega Web Services, Inc. Does the hoster really matter? If you end up with a “fly-by-night” hosting company, then consider the consequences carefully. The small hoster could go out of business, wasting all the time and energy you’ve spent creating your online presence. Or your hoster may be acquired by another business, causing service or price changes. So going with an industry founder and current leader is a safe bet.  

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Where to host your site? The best web hosting plans are listed, compare several of your candidates. Besides the hosting cost, pay more attention to the features and the services a plan provides. No matter it's for free, low cost, affordable cheap web site hosting, or E commerce web hosting, our advice is to choose a popular host. The services listed on this web site are from popular and large web hosts with reliable services,  site performance, and excellent customer rating, review and rank ranking. Top 10 web hosts are listed as well. Check out the internet web hosting showcases & host rating. Most of the hosts offers ecommerce capability, multimedia support, MySql database, PHP scripting, and toll-free phone support. Be sure to check the host's sites for special offers from time to time, such as free month's hosting, double spaces, free domain name, etc. Best luck to your web host search and your business.

Beginner's Guide: Web hosting, the basic steps to build your web site: choose a domain name... Selecting Web Host: If a site contains mostly text pages, you  space and bandwidth ...  Promote web Site: Traffic is key to your web site,  to effectively promote your pages ....  Glossary:  Apache is an open-source HTTP Web server software, it is  the web server on the Net.  It is usually run on Unix operating, web host rated, ecommerce web hosting ...

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Shuttle Host Plan: 800MB space, 40G transfer, 15 sub-domains, 3 domain parking, CPanel, unlimted email, IMAP, MySql, PHP, Pathon, Perl, SSI, CGI, FrontPage Ext,  mailing list, Flash and shockwave, Dreamweaver compatible, windows and real media compatible,  adult content OK, optional ASP/JSP, optional addon domain, free set up, toll-free phone  support,  support forum, 99.9% uptime, best customer rated webhost. $7.95.


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  Mega Hosting Review Mega Hosting Review Price: USD 3.33 /month + FREE Setup Size: 100 Disk Space, 10 GB Bandwidth Offer: Cheap web hosting from as low as $3.33/mo for 100mB space and 10gB transfer Click here to visit Mega Hosting and find their latest promotion. Overview not available Customer Support Ticket Email/Help Desk Support Mega Hosting Website Other Web Hosting Review Web Hosting Review Space Price Globat 2000 MB $7.50/mo Lunarpages 800 MB $7.95/mo iPowerWeb 800 MB $7.95/mo XIS-NET 50 MB $3.96/mo OnyxServers 200 MB $12.95/mo T35 Hosting 300 MB $4.16/mo Fluid Hosting LLC 200 MB $7.95/mo StartLogic 1000 MB $7.50/mo LLC 200 MB $13.32/mo Intersabre 100 MB $2.45/mo XLR8Web Hosting 500 MB $6.00/mo WestHost Inc. 600 MB $7.95/mo Infrenion Communications 250 MB $4.99/mo Pricing Monthly Fees USD, (Setup Fee) 12 Months Prepay 3.33 (FREE) Features Details Disk Space 100 MB Bandwidth/Transfer 10 GB Money Back Guarantee 7 days Server Sides Includes Yes Subdomain 10 Site Stats Yes Frontpage Extension Yes FTP Access 100 Anonymous FTP Accounts Yes Money Back Guarantee 7 Days SSL Secure Server Yes Telnet / SSH Yes Email Details Email Accounts 999 Forwarding Accounts 999 Autoresponders 999 Web Based Email Yes OS and Software Details Platform OS Unix/Linux Control Panel CPANEL Web Stats AWStats Payment Method Details Credit Cards No Check/Money Order No PayPal Yes Database / Script Details MySQL Database Yes ASP No JSP / Servlet No Coldfusion No PHP / Perl Yes CGI-BIN Yes Top 10 WebHosting, top ten web iPowerWeb Review , LunarPages Review , Globat Review , Infinology Review , PowWeb Review , EasyCGI Review , Your-Site Review , Jumpline Review , HostSave Review , InMotionHosting Review , WebSytz Review Package Pricing: Ultimate Plus Webmaster Value Starter Free Annual Price $18.50 /month $13.50 /month $9.99 /month $5.99 /month Monthly Price $24.95 /month $17.95 /month $12.95 /month $7.95 /month Setup Fee $19.95 $19.95 $14.95 $9.95 Features: Ultimate Plus Webmaster Value Starter Free Disk Space 1500 MB 500 MB 200 MB 50 MB 12 MB Bandwidth 25 GB transfer 10 GB transfer 5 GB transfer 2 GB transfer 0.5 GB transfer File Size Limits 500 MB 500 MB 200 MB 5 MB 0.25 MB POP Mailboxes 100 25 10 1 Unlimited E-mail Forwarding Yes Yes Yes Yes Web Access of POP E-mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Priority Customer Support Yes (phone) Yes (phone) Yes Yes No Banners/pop/ups Yes Yes Yes Yes No Advertising E-mails Yes Yes Yes Yes CGI Access: PHP, Perl & MySQL Yes Site Building Features: Ultimate Plus Webmaster Value Starter Free Site Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Site Copier Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes File Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Slide Show Yes Yes Yes Yes Domain Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes FTP Access Yes (Priority) Yes Yes Yes FrontPage Support Yes Yes Yes Site Enhancement Features: Ultimate Plus Webmaster Value Starter Free Corkboard, Guestbook, Counter, Form E-mailer, Webrings, Polls, Site Search Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Site Promotion Features: Ultimate Plus Webmaster Value Starter Free Stats/Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Search Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes Remote File Posting Yes Yes Yes Yes freeservers 61 available freeservers 36 44 freeservers 33 com freeservers Web Images Groups News Froogle more » Advanced Search Preferences r freeservers. (0.21 seconds) Sponsored Links Web Hosting: $7.99 1 GB, 20 GB txfr, 500 POP3 Email Free set-up, domain and templates. Freeserver Official Offer Get the exclusive amazing deal on freeservers web hosting services. Web Hosting only $7.99/Mo. Free Setup and Domain. aff Freeservers Web Hosting Get Freeservers Deals and Specials. Signup Now & Save Big. aff Only $7.99/month! Free setup. Aff. FreeServers Web Hosting aff. Over 3 million sites hosted. $7.99 month incl. free domain name Web Hosting Package. Only $7.95/month. Free Domain! Get Started Today. (aff) California Free Web Hosting Free 100MB Web Hosting Account with Sub-Domain and Domain Name Hosting See your message here... Free Web Space and Site Hosting - Freeservers is one of the oldest FREE Web hosts still offering FREE Web space and a solid hosting platform. ... 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Mega PRO 1,900 megs of storage space 65 GB of monthly file transfer Unlimited email accounts Only $11.95 per month. ... Copyright 2000-2004 AN Hosting, Inc. ... - 12k - Aug 29, 2004 - Cached - Similar pages Web Hosting and Domain name registration from Host Color... 1 July 2004 Say Welcome to The .NAME 16 June 2004 Now 1G Space with Mega Pack 9 June 2004 .CA Domain Name for your Web Hosting Plan. Testimonials, ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages web hosting services, domain name hosting, web site hosting plans... Mega Web Hosting Plan. Our top of the line hosting package. Built for a business, e-commerce, developers or a large scale web site in mind. ... Mega Web Hosting. ... web_hosting_mega.htm - 16k - Cached - Similar pages Web Hosting by GlobalServers... Get responsive 24x7 Customer Service. > Handle all hosting, server and development needs. GOT QUESTIONS? ... GlobalServers is owned by Mega Web Services, Inc. - 51k - Cached - Similar pages Free Web Space and Site Hosting - FREE. Yes, our free hosting is really free. ... 12 MB Web Space > 0.5 GB Bandwidth ... FreeServers is owned by Mega Web Services, Inc., a United Online Company. - 44k - Cached - Similar pages