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Price  ($)

SetUp($) Space (MB) Transfer (GB) Main Features
WebsiteSource 13.96 ~ 34.97 15 200~500 6~12 E-Commerce packages, MySQL, CGI, SSL, PHP, FrontPage, Multimedia.
LunarPages 7.95 0 500 20 MySQL,SSL,CGI,,PHP, Front Page Extention., Perl, Sub-domain.
iPowerWeb 7.95 0 500 30 MySQL, SSL,CGI, ,PHP, FrontPage Ext., Shopping cart, Mulitimedia,
EasyCGI 7.96 0 100 5 MS Access, ASP, PHP,  CGI, Perl, SSL.
Globat 7.50 0 1000 50 MySQL, CGI, SSL,,PHP, FrontPage, Flash, multi-domain
Applo Hosting 13.96 ~34.96 10~20 200 ~ 500 10~16 MySQL,SSL,CGI, PHP, Multimedia, Dedicated IP, sub-domain, Design tools
Jumpline 14.95 ~29.95 15 500 ~1000 10 ~ 15 MySQL, CGI, SSL, PHP, FrontPage, Java, Mulitmedia, SSI, VDS,Dedicated.


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