Promote Your Site

Traffic is what you need for your web site, you need to effectively promote your pages. Visitors to your site come from these categories: Search Engines, links from other sites,  and advertising your site.

Major Search Engines

Major search engines are listed below. The add URL page of each engine is listed. Some of them are free.

Ask Jeeves  
Open Directory    

There are web site submission services which submit your URL to multiple search engines. Note, only the top search engines are effective, compare how much you will spend if you submit by yourself to the top ten. TopseoWorldSubmit are such search engine submission services.

 Search Engine Optimization

Use KeyWords

Key Words are one or multiple word combinations that describe your web site and your business.
Concentrate on emphasizing 10  keywords or keyword combinations. Use Key Word META tag in the heading section of you code. Use key words in < title > of your web page. (See next section on Meta Tag). Don't attempt to artificially emphasize a keyword with continual repetition. Most search engines have algorithms to exclude words repeated too frequently.

Use Meta Tags
The major META tags that affect promotion include "Title",  "Description" and "KeyWords" tags. Add those meta tag related to your site, to increase the ranks of a search engine search.

< head >
<title>Most Popular Web Hosting Plans, Top Ten WebHosts.</title>
<META Name="Description" Content="Affordable, and business web hosting solutions.">
<META Name="Keywords" Content="Web hosting, hosting comparison, cheap web hosting.">
< /head >

Check Your Rank

Search engines, like Google, create their listings automatically. They  "spider" the web, then add to their indices if they determine that your site provides useful information.  If you change your web pages, crawler-based search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. .

Directories, such as the Open Directory, depends on humans for  listings. You submit a description to the directory for your site,  a search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted. Changing your web pages has no effect on your listing.

Search engine sort through the millions of pages it knows about and present you with ones that match your keywords you typed in, the most relevant ones come first. Crawler-based search engines follow an algorithm. One of the the main rules in a ranking algorithm involves the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. A search engine will analyze how often keywords appear in relation to other words in a web page. Some search engines index more web pages than others. The result is that no search engine produces the same results. Search engines may  penalize web pages if they detect  spamming, an example is when a keyword is repeated hundreds of times on a page.

You need to know your position in keyword search. You could test each of your 10 or more key words on each of the top 5 search engines  and compare the results. Modify some of the pages and meta tags, and do it again. Don't spend too much effort on it, enhance your web site is more important than playing ranking game.

Promotion Resources

There are many online resources to help you to promote your web sites. Search the web.




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